Distinctive chairs for your exceptional space

You’ve invested too much time and effort creating a beautiful space to fill it with furniture from a big box store.

Rockarondack is your eclectic solution.

Enjoy your morning coffee or a glass of wine with friends

in hand-crafted rockers that reflect your uncompromising taste and standards.

chair seat detail of Adirondack and Muskoka rocking chair

One-of-a-kind Style

Your space is special and my chairs are the finishing touch, allowing you to spend more time relaxing outdoors with your family and friends.

Adirondack and Muskoka rocking chair with exceptional comfort and extended footrest

Exceptional Comfort

Strategically using the inherent curve and size of each wine barrel stave creates perfectly balanced and unbelievably comfortable rockers.

notched wine glass holder on Rockarondack Adirondack and Muskoka rocking chair

Attention to Detail

I build each chair from one wine barrel—disassembling, sorting, selecting, and machining each piece by hand for optimal beauty, form, and function.

In Grade 9 I began woodworking; now almost 50 years later I’m still refining my skills & building beautiful furniture.

In the summer of 2019, while visiting a vineyard in Virginia, I sat in an Adirondack chair made from wine barrel staves. I loved the way it looked, fit, and felt. And I knew I could design something even better.

Returning to Calgary, I researched similar chairs and built three prototypes before perfecting the “Rockarondack” design. Its rocking chair base added both comfort and durability to the frame, especially when moving it. I also realized that when my feet were fully extended horizontally, the chair went into perfect balance, so I integrated a retractable footrest. The notched wine glass holder is similar to other chairs but improved with an indent for a can or glass.

My Rockarondack work is a part-time passion. Each chair carries my unique attention to detail and excellence. Production runs start with four barrels to ensure the right quantity and size of staves to craft four matching chairs, all built on demand. I enjoy the challenge of repurposing wine barrels and handcrafting them into something exceptional—so much better than a garden planter!

Oak barrels are used to add taste and character to the wine they hold. I would love to share this experience and get you into a Rockarondack.

There’s no other chair like this!

—John Clayton

John Clayton, Calgary, Alberta, Rockarondack owner & craftsman
Rockarondack Adirondack and Muskoka rocking chair dimensions and features


  • Individual quarter-sawn white oak barrel staves are sorted and selected for specific design purposes as each barrel has a unique combination of sizes.

  • Each stave is sanded and the edges rounded, then the 43 precise, angled cuts are shaped and fitted together using 130 rust-proof screws and bolts. Only four pieces of structural flat aluminum bar are not part of the original barrel.

  • Each stave’s unique character is retained—the red wine stains, surface blemishes, scratches, bumps, and bruises—reflecting the life of the barrel it came from.

  • Where possible, the logo from the barrel top is incorporated on the horizontal transom below the retractable footrest.

  • The retractable footrest is pushed forward using tabs on its frame on either underside of the seat.

  • The dual-purpose notched wine glass holder will also securely hold a can or glass.

  • Natural boiled linseed oil is the only applied finish. I recommend an annual light sanding and application of linseed oil to maintain the original finish.

  • If left outside in the weather, the white oak will age to a soft grey patina and the wine stain will fade. Some wood grain may be raised requiring hand sanding (120-150 grit) or optional reapplication of boiled linseed oil, available at any building supply store.

Inquire for pricing.

3 Easy Steps to Relax in a Rockarondack Rocker

Step 1

Email rockarondack@gmail.com to place your order or request a virtual or in-person tour.

Step 2

Pick up your fully assembled chairs one month after ordering.

Step 3

Kick back and put your feet up in exceptional style and comfort!

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Handcrafted by John Clayton in Calgary, AB

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